2017 RULES



                                           Lightning Sprint Rules


a) All racers are expected to become familiar with rules and regulations and shall

conduct themselves accordingly.

b) Participants are responsible for the actions of his/her pit crew.

c) The use of drugs and/or alcohol, by participants or their pit crew is NOT

permitted at any time during the race.

d) All racers must have one way radio ie. Raceceiver....NO EXCEPTIONS !

e) No in car communication  or display devices that display real time race information such as lap times , track position, or pit crew communications these include 2 way radios, mychrons,  gps tracking devices, any kind of mirrors etc .

f) ELS scales are the official scales at every race event. The Tech Inspector’s findings with respect to weight measurements using these scales shall not be subject to protest.

g)  Any car may be inspected at any time by ELS officials to determine legality of weight, motor displacement, and or anything to do with safety etc. 

​h) The A-Main / FEATURE top 5 finishers will be weighed using the "Official  ELS Scales" and Fuel will be drawn and tested from the top 5 cars if manpower is available.

 Note: The penalty for weight, fuel, or engine displacement infraction will be forfeit of prize money and points for that race. Two (2) engine displacement or fuel infractions in a season automatically disqualify the car for the remainder of the season.


a) New Cars and New Engines must be 4 cylinder, 4 cycle motorcycle production engine only. Stock as engine comes from manufacturer, 1000cc maximum and must be at least 2 models years old. For Example but not limited to bore, stroke , cylinder head, transmission etc

b) Stock ignition box.

c) Electric self starting.

d) Fuel injected, Alcohol conversions allowed. Must use stock throttle body. No Dry Sump Oiling Systems

e) 6 inch offset-measured C/L of motor and C/L of frame.

 f) Older cars with pre-existing fuel injected 750cc, 1000-1200cc mechanical injected oil cooled, zx12, and built motors such as K&S Powersports 1070’s are allowed to compete and will be weighed accordingly, these engines are grandfathered in but in case of catastrophic engine failure or cost effective replacement  vs. repairing, the  engine must be replaced with a stock 1000cc engine. No new built engines permitted !



750cc cars on gas or alcohol 850lbs with driver , must display 850 and an “A” for Alcohol or “G” for Gasoline on top of tail tank

STOCK 1000cc Cars on gas 925 lbs with driver , must display 925 and a “G” for Gasoline on top of tail tank. maximum octane rating is 112 octane

STOCK 1000 cc Cars on alcohol or E-85  975 lbs with driver , Must display 975 and an “A” for Alcohol on top of tail tank

1001-1200 cc Cars or Built Engines   grandfathered in on gas or alcohol must weigh 1050 lbs and may subject to review on individual basis, also must display 1050 and an “A” for Alcohol or “G” for Gasoline on top of tail tank



a) On all engines, clutch must be in place and operational (no bypass) 

b) Stock configuration must be operational in all gears  



Final drive must come from original counter shaft; drive must be chained to rear


No cock pit adjustable shocks , or any other in car adjustments besides electric top wing slider



a) May run on gas up to 112 octane max, pure alcohol, or E85,  NO oxygenated fuels , nitro or nitrous oxide, no fuel/alcohol additives

b) No turbo, super chargers, or vacuum pumps.




a) Must have complete midget style body, suitable bumpers, both front and rear nerf

bars not to extend pass the tires.

b) No components are to be outside of frame, excluding header or muffler.

c) Secure rear bumpers and side nerf bars mandatory to compete.



a) Wheel base 65”-72” Tread width 40”-52” center to center.

b) Engine must remain within 6” offset of center line of frame.

c) Roll cage must be constructed of 1 1/8-.083 wall round tubing minimum in

chrome-moly or equivalent in mild steel.

d) Cage must extend at least 2” above driver's helmet.



a) 12 or 16 square maximium and outside edge of side boards must remain inside of rear tire tread

b) Front wing permitted

c) Electric wing slider is permitted



Must be Hoosier or American Racer  Any compound. No tire treatments or chemical prep, only modifications allowed to tires are sipes,  grooves, and grinding




13”only , splined rear axles must be safety pinned

12” wide maximum right rear

10” wide maximum left rear



No specific muffler rule, but one must be installed



Protest Fee 5 times 1st place money



 20 lap feature  , 8 lap Heat Races

       b) 10 cars and less = 2-15 lap Features, pill draw for first feature, second feature full invert of the first features starting line up

       c) More than 3 Feature wins that driver can’t start better than half the field for next 3 races driver entered , More than 5 feature wins that driver starts last qualified car.

       d) All initial starts will be at the starting cone,orange tire or line across the track between turns 3 and 4.

          No cars can be passed until you have cleared the flag stand. During any start or restart, a driver who flagrantly jumps cars will be warned. A second warning will result in the car being placed to the rear of the field. Cars jumping on a start will be penalized two positions for every car jumped. An attempt will be made to assess this immediately. Otherwise it will be assessed at the race conclusion.

         The car on the pole sets the pace on restarts. After the initial start, all restarts will be single file with cone placed at the flag stand with no passing until after you have passed the cone

         If a caution comes out or you are having problems, raise your hand so cars behind you know you are slowing down. If you cannot make it back to the pits, pull out of harms way as soon as it is safe to do so. 

       e) Most tracks like to see a (4-abreast parade lap). On a 4-abreast parade lap when the starter gives the crossed flag signal, the even rows of cars split to the outside of the odd rows of cars. Please remember to verify whether your starting in a even or odd row before you line-up for the feature event.


       f) The top twelve (12) qualified drivers, or half of the field if less than 24 are signed in, will re-draw a pill between 1 and 12. The highest finisher from the qualifying heats picks first, then the second highest and so forth. The number drawn is the starting position for that driver. The remainder of field is determined by qualifying heat races finishes

      g) Heat race line ups will be determined by pill draw at the time of driver sign in



a) Will be done by ELS and/or track officials

b) Engine displacemnt, fuel, tires and weight will be checked.

c) The driver/owner is responsible for removing/ replacing parts to be inspected and or needed to be reassembled.




The absence of a specific rule does not imply approval, consent, or permission regarding

the subject. Anyone disobeying these rules will be dealt with accordingly!!!!!




If you have any questions please call  Nick @ 518-495-2040 .